Map showing how to get to Buffalo Lodge from Coromandel Town

Buffalo Lodge is just 5 minutes drive north from Coromandel town, located in a beautiful bush setting that's close to some of Coromandel's most outstanding attractions.


Map showing how to drive from Auckland to Coromandel Town

The lodge is only a 2.5 hour drive from Auckland, including an hour along the spectacularly scenic Thames to Corormandel Highway 25.



Cathegral Cove

Cathedral Cove


Little Bay

Little Bay


New Chums beach

New Chums Beach


Buffalo Creek

Buffalo Creek


Driving Directions

From Auckland City or Auckland Airport: take the motorway south. At the end of the motorway after the Bombay exit, take the left turnoff to Thames/Coromandel.


When you arrive in Coromandel town, turn right in the direction of Colville and continue for 2.5 km until you see the buffalo lodge sign on the right.


Travel suggestions: Don't bring too much luggage with you. New Zealand is a very laid-back country. Take the time to meet the locals; you'll find that they're genuinely interested in you, and keen to help you in any way they can.


We recommend that you stay in one place for a few days rather than spending most of your time on the road. You probably won't average more than 50 km an hour on some of New Zealand's scenic roads. And don't even try to count the sheep - there are an estimated 30 million of them! The snakes in New Zealand aren't dangerous - that's because we don't have them.